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Greetings from the President

代表取締役社長 葉山 裕

Tokai Denpun Co., Ltd., started business in 1947 for the purpose of selling starch products. Since then, taking advantage of diversification in starch uses, we have handled a large number of products through our customers and business partners related to “food” in various industries and categories, explored and developed new production areas and new products both in Japan and overseas, and deployed proposal-based sales that add new features and functions as solutions to customer challenges nationwide. Today, we have domestic sales offices in nearly every prefecture, expanding our business to procurement and supply of raw materials, processing by contract manufacturing, intermediate distribution, and retail, and because we can respond with flexibility and speed to various customer needs, this advantage serves as a driving force in our further growth.

The TDC Group develops its business globally, with six companies in Japan engaged in agricultural product processing/manufacturing (Sunny Foods, Star Agri, and Sanwa), marine product processing/manufacturing (Tokai Seapro and Kushimoto Shokuhin), and sales and distribution (Kuwamura Sanko); and also includes overseas raw material procurement bases in seven countries (the U.S., China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India), as well as internal sales bases in five countries (the U.S., China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam), in an effort to develop cooperative manufacturing-sales relationships with Tokai Denpun Co., Ltd. In addition, the Group includes a system management company (TDC Service) and a business coaching company that develops human resources (Coach TDC) and strives to provide support both internally and externally.

In recent years, uncertainty about the future that is beyond our collective experience prevails, although the food industry overall remains unchanged. However, changes in the food industry, the way food ought to be, as well as how we access food will undergo significant changes, and I think it is important that we anticipate changes and determine business continuity while we transform our business to better respond to changing needs ahead of our competitors. From now on, our company-wide sales strategy must be focused on “market-oriented” and “development of undeveloped markets.” Based on our TDC Group DNA of constantly challenging new things for the future, we continue to advance our efforts at providing solutions to our customers’ challenges.

At the same time, society in general is becoming increasingly aware of environmental measures, including ESG and SDGs, as well as sustainable businesses and products. I think it is also important in the future to promote activities in these areas and ensure safety and security from the perspectives of compliance, quality assurance, quality control, and other initiatives. What we can do may be a small step, but we should continue to promote our efforts on a company-wide basis. Then, as a company required by society, every one of us must improve his or her ability to communicate and act, and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to further growth as an organization.

I sincerely appreciate your continued support and ask encouragement in the future.

President Hiroshi Hayama

President Hiroshi Hayama