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July 1946 Tokai Kagaku Kogyosho was established to process starch. Headquarter building at the timeHeadquarter building at the time
August 1947 The organization changed into a corporation, which was set up as Tokai Denpun Kogyo Co., Ltd., with its headquarters in Shizuoka City with capital of 198,000 yen.
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August 1950 The company name changed to Tokai Denpun Co., Ltd. It became an authorized dealer of starch and condiments for Ajinomonoto Co., Inc.
March 1951 Started to handle beans.
July 1955 Obtained the distribution rights to Mieki (amino acid). Opened the Yaizu Branch.
July 1958 Became an authorized dealer for Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co., Ltd. and started to handle cornstarch.
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March 1966 Became a wholesaler for Taiyo Fisheries Ltd. (Ensuiko Sugar Refining Co., Ltd.) and started to handle sugar.
May 1966 Started to handle eel-farming feed for Fuji Flour Milling Co., Ltd. The capital reached 100 million yen.
May 1967 Started to handle juvenile eels, adult eels, and processed eel products.
March 1968 Started to handle kneaded fisheries products by supplying materials on behalf of the National Federation of Kneaded Fisheries Products Cooperatives (commonly known as Zenkama). Opened branches in Osaka City and Fukuoka City.
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April 1971 Moved the headquarters from Hontori in Shizuoka City to the current location of 24-15 Temma-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi after constructing a new building. The headquarter building that was in Hontori
July 1974 Started to handle bonito and dried fish.
November 1974 Opened the Taiwan Representative Office in Taipei City.
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March 1985 Dispatched representatives to Fujian, China.
June 1987 Opened the Bangkok Representative Office in Thailand.
July 1988 Established Maruto Suisan Co., Ltd., to process fisheries products.
October 1988 Opened the US Representative Office in Los Angeles.
February 1989 Made the Bangkok Representative Office in Thailand into an overseas subsidiary, Siam Tokai Co., Ltd., (with capital of 10 million yen).
November 1989 Opened the Dalian Representative Office in Dalian, China.
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October 1990 Opened the Fuzhou Representative Office in Fuzhou.
March 1991 Moved the US Representative Office to Seattle.
May 1991 Made the Taiwan Representative Office into an overseas subsidiary, United Victory Trading Co., Ltd.
April 1992 Made the US Representative Office into an overseas subsidiary, Tokai Denpun USA Inc.
June 1995 Established SHC (Siam Harvest Co., Ltd.) in Bangkok, Thailand.
March 1996 Opened the Qingdao Representative Office in Qingdao.
May 1996 The headquarters building was completed. Headquarter building
August 1997 The capital reached 781.81 million yen.
October 1997 Established an overseas subsidiary, United Victory Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in Shanghai in China.
April 1998 Tokai Denpun International Exchange Scholarship Fund, a charitable trust, was established with trust assets of 100 million yen.
December 1998 Acquired stock in Kuwamura Sanko Co., Ltd., and made it a subsidiary.
June 1999 Established Tokai Marine Co., Ltd.
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September 2000 Acquired stock in Sanwa Co., Ltd. and made it a subsidiary.
July 2003 Established Tokai Seapro Co., Ltd. Established TDC Service Co., Ltd.
November 2003 The Tokyo Kashoku Office obtained ISO 9001 certification, an international quality control standard. Went into actions to obtain ISO9001 certification company-wide.
November 2006 The headquarters and 28 branches of Tokai Denpun Co., Ltd., and five subsidiaries obtained ISO 9001 certification.
October 2007 Established Corch TDC Co., Ltd.
October 2008 Established Harima Fresh Co., Ltd.
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