Company Information

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The TDC Group appreciates the blessings of nature, pursues every value that food brings to us, and contributes to the realization of an affluent society.

Management Philosophy

We pursue fair profits through sound business practices and realize co-existence and co-prosperity with our customers, clients, employees, stockholders, society, and the environment.

We value independence and autonomy and create an environment where employees can work with high aspirations and achieve satisfaction.

Our corporate culture makes it possible for the company to read changes and our employees to create far-sighted, innovative ideas with flexible and free mindsets.

Six Courses of Action of the TDC Group

1.We think from the standpoint of our customers (consumers, clients, and suppliers) to provide safe, secure food materials.
2.We observe all laws, regulations, and social norms as we carry out our business in a sincere and fair manner.
3.We disclose information in an appropriate and fair manner and conduct highly transparent operations.
4.We value each person’s personality and independence and make every effort to create a comfortable workplace environment.
5.We remain aware of our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.
6.We pursue new value and make the best of it in addressing our business.